Is "Plastic Barbie Heads" a cool name for my Emo Polka band?

Answer For some reason, "The Gang-bang Barbies" popped into my head as a name for this awesome band; I picture an album cover with Barbie spread wide, surrounded by various Kens, lol.

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What city is Kevin left home alone in at Christmas in home alone 2?

What is the name of the pizza place in home alone?

left hand side of games page he was not there earlier but he is now

What was the name of the child left on his own in the film home alone?

Is it illegal to leave a child 11 years old alone in a home and also to go out and catch a bus at the bus stop alone?

Yes as long as they have money an food and that the parents will come back they may no fetch a bus they have to go to a bus stop.