What is the name of the place you get adopted from?

Answer Technically, but not parcially

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If you are 16 yrs though n live in the state of WI were adopted sexually abused from the adopted father the adopted mother remarried is found to be mentally ill OCD the such with depression?

Good question. At one time the USA supported dual citizenship but not anymore. I was born in West Germany by American parents and have this designation. I would speak to the Canadian consulate and ... Read More »

If adoption is so great, who here will place their children to be adopted by a more deserving & better couple?

not i...i would clean toilets in a rest stop, pick up horse poo, wait tables...hell even dance on tables, before i give up my kids. in addition, i would fillet, with a nail file, any person who thi... Read More »

If your stepdaughter was 17 when the adoption took place after raising her and she may have answered falsely when she told the judge that she wanted to be adopted can it be reversed and if so how?

Answer Did she not want to be adopted? Why do you want to reverse the words in her statement? What are you trying to achieve?

If the father of the adopted child dies and leave everything to the mother and adopted daughter and they are both beneficiaries to all but the mother of the adopted child did not give anything?

A claim against the deceased's estate may be made in probate court when the will is probated. The court will take it under advisement to ascertain if the claimant has a valid, legal claim. But it ... Read More »