What is the name of the pittsburgh steelers'good luck charm?

Answer The Terrible Towel is the good luck charm twirled in the air by Pittsburgh Steelers fans since the mid-1970s. Created by late Steelers announcer Myron Cope, the towel has been a popular souvenir an... Read More »

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What is the name of the pittsburgh steelers good luck charm?

A yellow piece of material known as the "Terrible Towel" became the good luck charm of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team in 1975. It was created by radio broadcaster Myron Cope, who was asked t... Read More »

What is the name of the Pittsburgth Steelers good-luck charm?

The "Terrible Towel" is the good-luck charm of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The idea was conceived by radio broadcaster Myron Cope in 1975. The hand towel is gold with black lettering. Fans simultaneou... Read More »

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