What is the name of the perfume store at the French Pavilion at Epcot?

Answer The French Pavilion, with its own Eiffel Tower and cobblestone streets at Epcot, features dining, activities and shopping. One of the stores, called Plume Et Palett, specializes in French perfumes ... Read More »

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How to Store Perfume?

Perfumes generally are not labeled with expiration dates, but they are not designed to provide indefinite use. Their chemical makeup changes over time, causing the scent to weaken and change, often... Read More »

How to Store Perfume Properly?

Perfume can be very expensive, so it makes sense to store it properly. Fine perfume from one of the top perfume houses will keep for years if you follow a few simple rules. Does t... Read More »

Flowers That Are Grown to Make French Perfume?

France is a world leader in perfume manufacturing, thanks to a combination of centuries of experience and an ideal climate for growing the many fragrant varieties of flowers used in their signature... Read More »

What French perfume was mentioned in the movie"Le divorce"?

Released in August 2003, "Le divorce," starring Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts, explores the differences between French and American social behavior and customs. A memorable quote from the movie refer... Read More »