What is the name of the part of the flower where the pollen lands?

Answer Bees, butterflies, birds and other small creatures deposit the pollen on the stigma, which is the female sex organ of a flower. They transfer the pollen from the male sex organ of the flower called... Read More »

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Which part of the flower attracts insects to the flower?

Theres 2 parts of the flower that attract insects and that is the bright coloured petals and there scented and also the nectary attracts them too

Which flower part becomes the seeds?

A female or hermaphroditic flower contains eggs, or ovules, housed in an ovary. Once these eggs are fertilized, they develop into seeds. The eggs are fertilized by two sperms contained in a pollen ... Read More »

Which part of the flower provides pollen?

Anthers produce flower pollen. Anthers, which are pollen sacs, are found on the tips of long, thin stalks, called "filaments," and they sit in the flower's center. This location makes it easy for b... Read More »

What part of the flower contains pollen?

The part of a flower that contains pollen is the anther. The pollen is contained within sacs that release the pollen when something, such as an insect, touches the flower. The anther is considered ... Read More »