What is the name of the organ where the unborn baby develops inside the mother?

Answer The organ is know as uterus - I suggest you Google any questions related to our anatomy

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What is the organ called that the baby develops in the mother?

What do you call the unborn baby inside the mother's womb?

What if the mother of an unborn baby has a STD?

The baby might get it depending on which one it is. The most common one, Chlamydia, is not passed through to the baby and the mother can just get treatment while she is pregnant. Herpes is incurabl... Read More »

How does a mother give her unborn child to the father of the baby and his wife if the mother is in Colorado and the father is in Minnesota?

I'd advise you to go to a family law attorney in your state and discuss the situation, rather than attempt to handle it yourself. Let your lawyer handle all communications with the father of your c... Read More »