Less offensive name Irish Car Bomb drink?

Answer Sometimes the offensive nature does FIT the drink. It lets them know they won't be drinking some light and sweet cocktail. One shot of whiskey, whipped cream over that and a cherry on top have a vu... Read More »

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What foods cause offensive smelling gas?

an entire wicker swing set, wonderful for the digestion though, good fiber

What kind of offensive and defensive did Galactica have?

No, Syfy Channel has greenlit a two-hour pilot of "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome" which focuses upon Bill Adama's experiences in the first Cylon war as a new Viper pilot. Production began ... Read More »

What is the most offensive thing's you have been told as a parent?

I had just gotten a new stroller and carrier for Brayden, and I wasn't totally used to it yet.Well, I went shopping, and walked in with the carrier on the stroller, and I was going to take the carr... Read More »

What foods should I eat to achieve the most offensive body oder?

Onions, garlic, limburger cheese and kimchee. At the same time. Washed down with haymaker's switchel. A stench like that will keep everyone (and everything) away for a very long time. Possibly for... Read More »