What is the name of the movie that was shown in the iphone 4g explanation - not UP but the one with a man with weird eyebrows?

Answer Yes, the HTC HD2 is currently the best phone in the world, want proof, go to youtube and type in HTC HD2 vs Iphone 3GS/4G. Want more proof then go to the HTC website and flick through and there you... Read More »

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Any explanation for my weird heart rate behaviour?

Do you take pain killers before bed, as I have noticed it happens to me when i take zapain at bedtime, I read drink ice cold water and lay on your left side helps. change to decaf drinks. coffee a... Read More »

My eyebrows are weird and how do i fix them?

you should go to a local spa or salon and ask then to clean up your brows or shape them if they need that but tell them to go easy so they don't like take your whole brow offyou can use a cheap dru... Read More »

Are my eyebrows weird :S (pics)?

They don't look bad. If you like them who cares :)

Are my eyebrows weird ( picture included! )?

No they are thin but they are nicely shaped. okay check this site out. Anastasia has become famous for doing celebrity brows like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, and I think even Ophra. This site h... Read More »