Michael Moore's SICKO documentary?

Answer Dangers2 is not being patriotic, in fact she's being quite the opposite. Someone patriotic wouldn't blindly follow what is obviously intruth because they don't want to pay a few pennies more in tax... Read More »

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Who makes Benjamin Moore paint?

Benjamin Moore paints have been produced by Benjamin Moore & Co. since 1883. In 2000 the company was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway "a family of companies under the direction of Warren Buffett."Sou... Read More »

Is Lorrie Moore's"Birds of America"being made into a movie?

Lorrie Moore's acclaimed collection of short stories, "Birds of America," has never been made into a movie. In 2007, the Sundance Film Festival featured the film "Birds of America" based on screenw... Read More »

How does Kelly Moore paint compare to Benjamin Moore Paint?

About 30% more of your money!Benjamin-Moore is a international company that sell through 'dealers' around the world. Kelly-Moore Paints has a network of company owned stores located throughout 9 we... Read More »

Was Michael Jackson in switched at birth movie?