What is the name of the memory stored on a CPU?

Answer Random access memory (RAM) is the "working" memory that is stored on a CPU. RAM is used to complete tasks and run programs. Read only memory (ROM), also stored on the CPU, is used to store permanen... Read More »

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How much memory can be stored on a blue ray DVD?

Where is computer memory stored?

The computer's memory---or RAM---is stored on the motherboard. The exact location varies, depending on whether or not you have a desktop or notebook. On notebooks, RAM is located inside the bottom ... Read More »

Where is virtual memory stored?

All processes and applications operating under 32-bit Windows systems operate on virtual memory, no matter how much random-access memory is installed on a computer. This virtual memory is stored on... Read More »

How are files stored in pc memory?

Understanding the way a PC works is fairly easy. Basically there are two types of memory needed to save and work with programs and information, short term and long term memory.Necessary ComponentsT... Read More »