Seinfeld when will Seinfeld be on the Larry david show with the old Seinfeld gang?

Answer When this speculation ends.So damned profitable!

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What is the name of the British children's TV program involving a boy with three diamonds on his shoulder blade with the main character being a young girl who appeared to be on the run from something?

yeas he did! in a episode called a chrismas micey i gusse and he blushed too

What was the midget's name on Seinfeld?

What was the name of the diner in Seinfeld?

Monk's Cafe was the name given to the diner in the show, but the exterior shot used for the diner is the real Tom's Restaurant in NYC. See the Wikipedia article in Related links. Monk's. Tom's Res... Read More »

On Seinfeld what is Elaine's father's name?