What is the name of the language you use to write a web page?

Answer HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language.

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If you want to write your brother name and her wife name in an invitation so wat you will write For example parents as written for mum and papa name?

she can charge $10 an hour, but only if she has a baby sitting certificate. Otherwise, it should be supervised by an adult.

How do you link a wikipedia english page to a another language wikipedia page?

Check out "Help:Interlanguage links" on Wikipedia. There is a complete list of all Wikipedias at "List of Wikipedias" which lists the languages and the interlanguage links for each language.

Why is that my updated wikipedia page come second to my previously deleted page on the same name when searched?

That's presumably just a quirk of the internal search engine; don't worry about it. No one has any manual control over the internal search engine results, and it doesn't take into article deletions... Read More »

Wikipedia : How to add a page of someone to the language options.?

what you need to do is make so called interlanguage links; links that link between the different language versions.To place an interlanguage link, edit the article in the English Wikipedia article,... Read More »