What is the name of the language you use to write a web page?

Answer HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language.

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How do you link a wikipedia english page to a another language wikipedia page?

Check out "Help:Interlanguage links" on Wikipedia. There is a complete list of all Wikipedias at "List of Wikipedias" which lists the languages and the interlanguage links for each language.

Wikipedia : How to add a page of someone to the language options.?

what you need to do is make so called interlanguage links; links that link between the different language versions.To place an interlanguage link, edit the article in the English Wikipedia article,... Read More »

When you scan a page into the computer can u change the language?

How to Write Your 'About Me' Page?

Welcome! Now if you're wondering... How do I write the "About Me" page? Then here is the article! This works for newspapers, magazines, books, and websites.