What is the name of the kids television show that had a fox named Roxy or something two cats and a dog that pretended to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes?

Answer Many of the old sketches and other pieces from Sesame Street can be found on YouTube and there are many sites dedicated to Sesame Street.

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What colour is Sherlock Holmes' dressing-gown in Sherlock?

Will there be a Sherlock Holmes 3?

well the 2 movie was just out at the end of last year so it wont be out for another 2 years maybe but there will be one

When does Sherlock Holmes on BBC air?

New Mexico was named after a television game show?

Actually he had a Dilaudid problem, not herion, and in Elephant's Memory (3.16) we find out that he has been clean for 10 months., he is not still addicted in season five and beyond.