What is the name of the Indian girl from"Brother Bear 2"?

Answer The name of the American Indian girl in the movie "Brother Bear 2" is Nita. Nita is Kenai's friend in the movie. Her voice is done by actress Mandy Moore.Source:IMDB: Brother Bear 2Rotten Tomatoe... Read More »

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Any good Indian Baby Girl name starting with alphabet "Th"?

name starting with TH quit tough but let me tell you few of them ........Thiyagerajanthimaiyaathakorthilakrajthofiquethabasumtomaas thulvindersingh etc....

What is an indian girl called?

Preferably you call her by name. Our you call her "Miss." Or "young lady," will do.

What is the name for an Indian nanny?

The colonial British in India and the Far East used the word "amah" as the name for their women maidservants or baby nurses. "Amah" originally came from the Portuguese "ama," meaning nurse.Source:Y... Read More »

What is the name of an old Indian coin?

Karshapana (or pana), tetradrachm, drachm, and dinara are names of ancient Indian coins. Tanka is the name of an Indian coin used in the Middle Ages. Anna is the name of an old coin common in colon... Read More »