How to Be a Simple Indian Girl?

Answer Simple Indian girls, mostly between the ages of sixteen or seventeen to their late twenties, are known for their modesty and sense of dressing as well as their behaviors. To get the girl-next-door ... Read More »

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How to Look Like an Indian Village Girl?

In the Indian villages, the sense of dressing is very unique and extraordinary, especially for girls. This can be used as a costume, or real-life example if you travel to a village.

What is an indian girl called?

Preferably you call her by name. Our you call her "Miss." Or "young lady," will do.

How to Draw an Indian Girl?

When an artist first learns to draw, one of the most challenging subjects is often the human face. In order to portray a human face, an artist must pay close attention to the details of the individ... Read More »

How to impress an Indian college girl?

Indian you can impress an Indian girl by buying really nice bangles and make her family and reletives think that your one of them and trust me because i did the same and now im married to the love ... Read More »