What is the name of the girl in wizkid's video 'holla your boy?

Answer Joan Williams

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I am old. What is a 'holla back girl'?

The phrase has widened a bit. SOme people use it as a term for a girl who is "easy"...all you have to do is "holler" for her and she's there. But this link may give you a wider view of the original... Read More »

What is your #1 boy and girl name right now?

Girl ~ Leona MayI still adore Laura Noelle, but her and Leona May are pretty much tied for first right now. I'm considering switching the order of the two on my favorite's list, making Leona May #1... Read More »

What is your favorite boy and girl name?

What is your favorite name for a little girl?

Rose Kathleen ♥I absolutely adore Rosalie and Isobel, but I'm really not fond of Sienna. Isobel Rosalie would be sweet, though I understand Sienna is your favourite of the names :)