Who is the hot brown hair girl who sits next to the surfer dude on the TMZ show?

Answer yes he is he is worth 3 billion dollars

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How does a protectorate show its significance to us foreign policy?

The issue is one of compassion and of the human condition. The people of both sides suffer psychologically and physically at the brutality, and desperate measures taken to extremes. This ongoing cr... Read More »

You saw a preview of a foreign film where it seemed like a game show with these men standing in a circle with guns pointed at each others heads anyone know what movie that might be?

How can I determine and negotiate fair and reasonable terms for licensing a U.S. TV game show for production and distribution in a foreign market?

Wet your hands with running water and distribute soap or other sanitizing agent evenly over all surfaces. You must add soap as washing with just water alone removes no bacteria whatsoeverRub hands ... Read More »

Is it right for a dude to be bulimic?

There are more men with eating disorders than people realize. Men are thought to make up around 1 million out of the 8 million people suffering with eating disorders. I think more men tend to hav... Read More »