What is the name of a kids TV show from the 90s that was set in a castle and had talking gargoyles and an animated cat and dragon?

Answer Megamaths I believe it is.

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What is the name of the 90's children's TV show that was set in the middle ages and had three teenagers that were knights that defended the castle from the evil witch with the help of magic weapons?

The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog?'ve been looking for it as well, I think this is the same show you're looking for.

What was the name of the BBC childrens maths show where people dressed up as playing cards in a castle?

What is the ending song from castle tv show tonite?

What is the name of the kids' science TV show that opened with an animated dragon on a roller coaster from the late 1970s that featured a couple doing science experiments?

Either Lollypop Dragon which had scientific overtones - a segment on maps and globes, for example, or maybe Great Space Coaster, which came out around l980 I am going by what I see in Juvenile book... Read More »