What is the name of the desert in southern Africa?

Answer Much of southern Africa is composed of arid land. The Kalahari Desert is a 362,500-square-mile sand basin in southern Africa. Although it is labeled a desert, the Kalahari is only semi-arid. The Na... Read More »

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What desert is located in southern Africa?

The Kalahari Desert is in southern Africa, in the countries of Botswana, northern South Africa and eastern Namibia. The Namib Desert, also in southern Africa, is located along the Atlantic coast of... Read More »

What is the largest desert in southern Africa?

The Kalahari Desert holds the distinction of being the largest in southern Africa. The desert covers 220,000 square miles stretching to Angola in the north, Namibia in the west and Zimbabwe to the ... Read More »

What Major Desert Is Found in the Southern Portion of Africa?

The Namib Desert stretches along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean from southwestern Angola through Namibia and into South Africa. The Kalahari Desert is also found in the southern portion of Africa,... Read More »

What is the name of the cape at the southern tip of Africa?

The Cape of Good Hope sits at the southwestern tip of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. Along with Cape Point, it is part of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. In 1488, the first European to r... Read More »