What is the name of the delicious dessert in the golden corral?

Answer banana pudding maybe?

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What cut of meat does Golden Corral use for their pot roast?

Golden Corral uses a pork pot roast. It is a pork collar cut that has been used by Golden Corral since 2007. Golden Corral considers this cut to be lean and flavorful.Source:Pork : Golden Corral Fe... Read More »

Golden Corral prices?

There is no ideas about this, Its totally depend on all of your taste and likes.

I'm going to Golden Corral with may dad in April to fatten me up any ideas on what we should both get?

Their bread pudding is amazing. They have good ribs as well. I always go for some of their fried chicken and red beans and rice.

Who is the manager of the Golden Corral in Saratoga Springs NY?

You will need to write them to find out, or call company headquarters. The odds that anyone on yahoo knowing this answer are about 500,000 to 1.Good Luck-