What is the name of the condition where people lose hair or can't grow hair?

Answer alopecia

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Why do people lose their hair during chemotherapy?

Undergoing treatment for cancer is difficult in itself, but hair loss can be another unwanted side effect of chemotherapy treatment. While this result can be terrible to deal with, hair loss is a r... Read More »

Why do people going through cancer lose their hair?

Some people battling cancer must undergo treatments that lead to hair loss. This occurs because the treatments cannot single out the cancer cells alone.Cancer TreatmentsCancer treatments work by st... Read More »

Why do people with cancer often lose their hair?

The Chemotherapy damages the cells that produce hair (everywhere on the body...not just the head) and causes it to fall out. When they stop taking the chemotherapy drugs, then the hair will usuall... Read More »

Why Do People Lose Hair at an Early Age?

Hair loss occurs when the natural growth process of hair, which involves hair growing for a period of time, resting, and shedding before being replaced by more hair, is disrupted, according to Fami... Read More »