What is the name of the city that was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?

Answer Emperor Constantine made the city of Byzantium his capital of the Roman Empire and renamed the city Constantinople. As the Roman Empire fractured into an eastern and western empire, Constantinople ... Read More »

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What city was the capital of the Byzantine Empire?

The capital of the Byzantine Empire was Constantinople, named after the Roman emperor Constantine I (272-337 AD), who built the city on an already-extant town named Byzantium, a Greek colony. Today... Read More »

Did women work during the Roman Empire?

Women who chose to work during the Roman Empire had a variety of professions, including doctors, tailors, merchants, secretaries and teachers. Most of the work during the Roman Empire was done by s... Read More »

Causes & Effects of the Collapse of the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire was a notable part of human history. While it prospered for more than 700 years, its collapse in 476 A.D. can be tied to several internal and external causes. With Rome gone, the t... Read More »

Classroom Activities for the Decline of the Roman Empire?

Some scholars say that the Roman Empire began its decline with the death of Emperor Augustus. Some argue that Caesar's assassination set the fall in motion, and others profess it was the invasion o... Read More »