What is the movie "Bound" about?

Answer It's a neo-noir thriller about two women who have an affair, while planning the murder of one's gangster husband. It's artsy, has lots of violence and sex, and and is popular among fans of the Wac... Read More »

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How are books bound?

Books are bound for utilitarian and aesthetic reasons. Binding a book protects it and gives the book longevity, which allows us to enjoy books that are hundreds of years old. As bookbinding evolved... Read More »

Reasons for Bound Feet?

There are several ideas posited for the reasons of bound feet, most of which revolve around the concepts of desirable appearance and reinforcing a woman's subservient role to men in various Chinese... Read More »

Free Vs. Bound Testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for puberty in boys and the development of secondary sex characteristics. These characteristics include facial hair, muscle mass and sex drive. One type of t... Read More »

What Is Bound Printed Matter?

Bound printed matter refers to a designation of material for mailing or shipping as defined by the United States Postal Service (USPS); and also used by other shipping concerns and agents who ship ... Read More »