Is there a doctor in the house......?

Answer Higher than normal levels of hemoglobin may also be caused by:Congenital heart disease.Cor pulmonale. (pulmonary heart disease)Polycythemia vera. (blood disorder where the bone marrow makes to many... Read More »

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Is there a Doctor in the House?

I checked under my bed and behind the sofa, but I couldn't find any doctors. Why, did you see one?*nervously looks around*j-r

Who was the first black female doctor?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first black female doctor. Dr. Crumpler received her medical degree in 1860 from the England Female Medical College, which has ... Read More »

How did doctor cuddy adopt in House?

In series 5 episode 11 Joy to the World a bullied teenager falls il. It becomes clear that she became pregnant and hid the baby from her friends and family after descovering her babys lungs were no... Read More »

How Do I Make House Calls as a Doctor in "The Sims 3: Ambitions"?

The "Ambitions" expansion pack for "The Sims 3" expands your Sim's career options and allows for more active participation in his career. In addition to adding new careers like ghost hunting, firef... Read More »