What is the name of the belt medieval women wore?

Answer Although chastity belts are often associated with medieval times, it is more likely that they first came into use in Italy during the Rennaisance in the 14th century. The modern myth is that the be... Read More »

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What is the name of this 90s childrens tv programme A fantasy set in a village kids lived there and were chased by evil medieval type baddies from another reality 1 wore a mask and growled?

What Was the Clothing Greek Women Wore in Ancient Times?

Greek clothing was simple. Women wore sleeveless tunics made primarily of wool and linen, but also of flax and other materials. In cold weather, they wore cloaks. The women used pins and other jewe... Read More »

Medieval Hairstyles for Women?

The Medieval era has been depicted in various ways through literature, film and art. The picture you imagine of a woman from this period varies greatly on what interpretations you have been exposed... Read More »

What did women wear in Medieval times?

The specific type of women's medieval clothing depended greatly on the rank they held. Members of the nobility had beautiful clothes made of silk and other fine garments, while serfs and peasants w... Read More »