Questions about "Little Miss Sunshine"?

Answer He takes a vow of silence until he can accomplish his dreams of being a pilot. If you are colorblind, you can't be a pilot and once he is told this, he not only freaks out but doesn't need to be si... Read More »

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Which actor/actress who disappeared from the business do you miss the most?

I agree. Thora Birch is amazing. I loved her in Ghost World. Another would be Robert DeNiro. He isn't taking acting seriously anymore, and I hate it.

Why could a girl miss her period?

A girl could miss her period for many reasons. If you have been under stress or have recently been ill, or you follow a diet that is low in fat, have had a change in your sleep pattern or exercise ... Read More »

How to Make the Girl You Like Miss You?

So you like a girl? And when your gone you want yourself to be the only thing on her mind?

How to Make a Girl Miss You?

She'll follow your every move...if first you know the right moves!A lot of us have that one girl that we like......and all we want is for her to think about be interested in always... Read More »