What is the name of the Unix and Linux top level file system directory?

Answer Linux and Unix use the same file system structure. The top level file system directory in each of these systems is the "/" file directory, or the "root" file directory. Each file and directory in... Read More »

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What is the difference between a unix and a unix-like OS And are linux and BSD unix or a unix-like OSes?

The UNIX Specification is a set of rules that a UNIX operating system should follow.An operating can be UNIX-compliant, which means it follows all of these rules. Examples include SunOS and MacOS X... Read More »

What Is Unix & Linux in a Computer?

Unix and Linux are operating systems that run on most brands of computers. Linux is a free and open-source version similar to its ancestor, Unix.

What is difference between UNIX / LINUX?

What is UNIX is Linux…LUg.

Plz tell me what is linux,unix and ubuntu i m confused this is one thing or what wat best for hacking :)?

Unix is the multiuser operating system developed by ATandT. It is a large OS specialy used in server and workstation. It is normally not used in desktop(home use).Linux is another desktop OS belong... Read More »