What is the name of the Green Hornet's car?

Answer In the 1966 television series "The Green Hornet," the Green Hornet's car was called Black Beauty. The Green Hornet was first created in the 1930s as a radio show. The Green Hornet has also been mad... Read More »

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What is Marble Hornets on YouTube?

It's a slender man documentry and slender man is a photo shop contest on something aweful forums.

What ever became of marble hornets?

From what I've heard from some of the comments on YouTube, they may be filming a whole second season of Marble Hornets. MAYBE... Don't know for certain. But I've watched every episode and the littl... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the green bean?

The scientific or Latin name for green beans is Phaseolus vulgaris, according to the University of California Davis' department of plant sciences. The name applies for wax beans and snap beans, too... Read More »

What is another name for a green amethyst?

Green amethyst is a green quartz also known as prasiolite or praziolite, or less commonly as amagreen or vermarine. It is not the same as other popular green gemstones, and it is incorrect to call ... Read More »