What was the name of the school in the movie A Christmas Story?

Answer Ralphie and friends attended Warren G. Harding Elementary School in the film "A Christmas Story". The school seen in the film is Victoria School in Ontario, Canada where the film was made. "A Chris... Read More »

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What was the real name of the school pictured in the Christmas Story movie?

Although the school depicted in "A Christmas Story" is supposed to be Warren G. Harding Elementary in Hammond, Indiana, in reality it is the Victoria School in Ontario, Canada. The extras in the fi... Read More »

Who is the boy that played Zach in tonight's Christmas movie on ABC family movie the dog who saved Christmas vacation?

Michael William Arnold played Zach in the ABC Family movie "The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation". He is credited on imdb as such.

What is the meaning of the name Arnold?

The name, Arnold, is of Germanic origin. It is a form of the name, Arnout, and means powerful eagle. This is a masculine name mostly used in English, Dutch, and German-speaking countries.References... Read More »

What is the ABC family movie where a mother and daughter stay with a rich man on Christmas?