What is the name of the 90's children TV show where kids travelled to some medieval place where there was a dark knight and a castle?

Answer Knightmare

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Does anyone remember a childrens pre-school show that had an audience of children and parents and a castle full of prizes You had to pick a key to unlock the castle to win the prizes?

The closest thing would be the interactive- audience (studio) participatory sort of borderline quiz-show Shenanigans. I don"t recall anything resembling a castle or palace, but contestants tossed o... Read More »

What is the name of a kids TV show from the 90s that was set in a castle and had talking gargoyles and an animated cat and dragon?

What is the name of the 90s show where children went through a portal to a world where there was a black knight?

What is the children's tv show where the family lived in a castle and wore Victorian outfits?

It sounds like Anastasia, but she was never run as a tv cartoon series.