What is the name of that address type?

Answer A QRcode?

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Can I Type an IP Address in an Address Bar?

You can browse directly to an IP address by entering it in the address bar of your Web browser. This technique is commonly used, for example, to configure a wireless router through its internal set... Read More »

How to Type a PO Box Address?

A PO Box serves as an alternative option for those who wish to receive mail without risking privacy or security. The owner of a PO Box can have mail delivered to the box rather than his home or wor... Read More »

How to Type in an URL Address Without Actually Doing It?

Here you will learn a quick and easy way to make Internet surfing even faster.

How to Type in a Web Address to Go to a Specific Website?

Is this your first time using the internet and have absolutely no idea on how to go to a certain website that you wanted go to? Well here's a small tutorial on how to type in a web address to go to... Read More »