What is the name of that address type?

Answer A QRcode?

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What is the portion of a Web address that follows the www and the name of the organization?

The portion of a website name that follows the period (.) after the website's name is called a top level domain (TLD). While most TLDs are available to the public, the .edu and .gov domains are res... Read More »

What the curtain fabric name or type that cover or block 99% of light?

you sew the blackout fabric to the back of the curtain

What is the name& type of shoe by Nike that reads"dream, pride& desire"?

The Nike Air Max Conceal is a lightweight and breathable women's running shoe that displays the words "dream, pride, and desire" on the tongue tag of the shoe. The Air Max cushioned sole is design... Read More »

What is this foldable wonder bed called as Pls tell me either name or brands that sell these type of cots?

Fold down beds are called "Murphy Beds", I've found a couple of links of desk murphy beds for you…but to buy them ... Read More »