Solar system. i wish to install a solar system of 850va in my house.can u help me with the components i?

Answer Did you mean solar charged inverter at 850VA?

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What is a grid tie solar system?

A grid tie solar system is a solar power installation that interacts directly with a power grid through a special type of inverter. Gird tie systems can operate without batteries and allow you to s... Read More »

What are the planets of the solar system?

As of 2010, the eight main planets in our solar system are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Earth. Up until 2006, there were nine planets in our solar system. In 2006, Plu... Read More »

What is the color of Jupiter in the Solar System?

Jupiter is brown, orange, white and red. Sunlight reflecting off of and being absorbed by the water, ice and gas on the planet's surface create the planet's colors. Jupiter is mostly made up of hy... Read More »

What is a passive solar heating system?

A passive solar heating system is any arrangement that employs building elements to naturally accumulate and release energy from the sun in order to help meet a structure's interior climate control... Read More »