What show was it that had a dinosaur robot in the destert with a group of kids. I have no idea but I watched it years ago. I do not know the name. Do you know what the name is?

Answer The show I think you are looking for is zoids chaotic cenctorie. (not a good speller)

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Which dinosaur was considered the king of all dinosaurs?

According to Dinosaur World, the Tyrannosaurus rex was considered "the king of the dinosaurs." The Tyrannosaurus rex was a powerful carnivore, thought to be over 40 feet tall and to weigh 6 tons.So... Read More »

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What kind of dinosaur is Baby Bop?

Baby Bop, the trusted sidekick in the children's program "Barney and Friends," is a protoceratops, a dinosaur similar to the tricerotops. Protoceratops means "before horns." The protoceratops did n... Read More »