What is the theme song to BBC series Oceans?

Answer 'Bring It On Down' by Franklyns Insanity.

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What oceans did Ponce de Leon sail on?

Best known as the explorer that discovered Florida and searched for the fountain of youth, Ponce de León came to the Caribbean from Spain in 1493, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with Christophe... Read More »

What is the average temperature in shallow oceans?

The temperatures of shallow ocean areas vary depending on where they are located. The surface of the ocean can range from below freezing or lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit near the poles to above ... Read More »

Hotels by Oceans of Fun?

At 60 acres, Oceans of Fun, situated in Kansas City, Missouri, is the largest tropical water park in the Midwest. The facility provides hours of fun with everything from water slides to wave pools.... Read More »

How to Help Prevent Damage to Our Oceans?

Our oceans are a place of great beauty, incredible wonders, amazing mystery, and even a source of some of our deepest fears or thrills. Our oceans are important to us for many reasons, with food, t... Read More »