What is the name of a plum that is orange inside?

Answer Some of the Japanese plums have red flesh. 'Mariposa' is one, and 'Ruby Blood' and ' Satsuma' are others. Elephant Heart plums are very late season, red on the inside.

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Has anyone seen a baby orange that has grown inside a normal orange?

I think you have a naval orange. We buy them by the case.

What was the name of the orange round ball shaped like an orange that sang songs called on sesame street?

yes she has because she is born at august 10 and it is Leo thanks

What is the name of the band that had a cd with a flower on the cd that was orange?

Radiohead...Pablo Honey had an orange flower on it.

What is the name of glass dinnerware that is orange?

The glassware, which appears orange, is actually a peach lustre by Anchor Hocking, manufactured under the Fire King label between 1952 and 1963. It is similiar to Pyrex and made from a borosilicate... Read More »