What is the name of a person that has not defended their doctorate degree yet?

Answer A doctoral candidate who has not defended their final dissertation is classified as ABD which stands for "All But Dissertation." In order to receive a Ph.D., ABD candidates must go before a committ... Read More »

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What is the name of the 90's children's TV show that was set in the middle ages and had three teenagers that were knights that defended the castle from the evil witch with the help of magic weapons?

The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog?'ve been looking for it as well, I think this is the same show you're looking for.

What do you name a person that makes earphones?

I am not sure exactly how to wash the sweater but I believe that you can wash it normally. I wouldn't imagine that they would make the sweater with headphones and not allow you to wash it. I have r... Read More »

I want to be a person that research cure for desease, what's the name of that job?

What is the name of the person or persons that started the Woods of Windsor history?

The Merz Apothecary website explains the Woods of Windsor was created by Roger and Kathleen Knowles. After buying an apothecary store near Windor Castle, the Knowles's found a collection of old rec... Read More »