What is the name of a koala's baby?

Answer As with other marsupials, a baby koala is called a joey. Female koalas typically bear a single joey at a time, which, at birth, weighs under a gram. The infant continues its development in its moth... Read More »

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What do baby koalas eat?

Baby koalas drink their mothers' milk for their first six to seven months of life. They then begin eating matter called pap, which their mothers produce, while still continuing to drink milk. Pap h... Read More »

School Projects on Koalas?

Koalas have thick, gray fur with white markings on their chest. They are considered national icons of Australia, their only home. They are now protected in Australia but there habitat is in danger.... Read More »

What is in eucalyptus trees that koalas eat?

The koala eats the leaves, shoots, stems, flowers and bark of the eucalyptus tree. Koalas only drink water when living in dry areas or if they are ill. They obtain most of their water from eucalyp... Read More »

Can I see lots of kangaroos and koalas in Austria?

If you want to see them in the wild you will need to go where they are, you don't find them everywhere. Every zoo and wildlife park has them. In Sydney, Taronga Zoo is magnificent and it has a coun... Read More »