What is the name of a good high quality set of wireless in ear earphones?

Answer Jaybird sportsband

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What are the best high quality earphones?

Probably the beats earphones such as the tour ones or you might wanna check out some of the Bose earphones too. They are good and all but, those could be quite pricy. I would recommend skullcandy o... Read More »

.Are dr dre in -ear earphones really worth it Do they have good sound quality?

Well.. u Can get them almost Anywhere. Cheapest place to get them at is Bells I got mine for 20$ their

Good camera for travel (high zoom, high quality night photos)?

Travel superzooms,…The Lumix stands out cause it's only 28mm thick and pocketable…

What is a good high quality camcorder to buy under $150?

At that price, the best you can get is the JVC GZ-MS230:…or a Flip UltraHD:…Both are pretty good for the price.