What is the name of a five-point star?

Answer A five-point star is called a pentagram. Pentagrams have been used as military decoration, religious symbols and on national flags. It can be drawn by either crossing the lines or without crossing ... Read More »

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How Do I Change a 5-Point Star to an 8-Point Star in Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe describes its Photoshop software as "industry-standard image-editing and compositing tools," and while it is mainly used for image editing, the built-in vector drawing tools allow the user to... Read More »

How to Cut a Five-Point Wooden Star?

Creating a five-point wooden star for a woodworking project is easy if you can draw an equal-sided five point star for a pattern on your wood. If you aren't particularly skilled with a drawing penc... Read More »

What does a five point star symbolize?

In Christianity, the five-pointed star symbolizes the birth and incarnation of Jesus Christ. Also known as the Epiphany Star and the Star of Bethlehem, it is a popular church decoration during Chr... Read More »

What does a five point star mean on a building?

Although a five-pointed star may have many different meanings when inlaid into a building, it commonly is associated with the Freemasons and often can be found in their masonic lodges.References:Pr... Read More »