What is the name of a family of sharks?

Answer Several names exist for a group or family of sharks, including as "gam," "herd," "pod" and "shiver," according to Sharks World. Unlike fish, a group of sharks is not commonly referred to as a "scho... Read More »

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What are the legal obligations for a family that re-homes an internationally adopted child with another family under temporary custody with intention to adopt and the new family changes their mind?

The court will want the name and last known address of the father. They will post a Notice in the local paper where he supposedly lives. If he doesn't respond within the time limit the adoption can... Read More »

Do sharks eat sea otters?

Sharks such as the great white shark will eat sea otters, states the Defenders of Wildlife website. The “National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mammals” notes that sea otters that spot sharks ... Read More »

What do sharks eat when they are newborn?

Infants heart rates are higher than adults by nature. If you notice blueish color around the mouth, fingernails or toe nails you should seek medical care immediately. Infants with heart failure wil... Read More »

What do sand sharks eat?

Sand sharks eat small fish, such as mackerel, flounder, butterfish and skate. Their diet also includes crab, squid and lobster. The sand shark is a relatively slow swimmer that is more active at ni... Read More »