What is the origin of the name kangaroo?

Answer According to the website Outback Australia Travel Guide, the word kangaroo was derived from the Aboriginal term for the grey kangaroo, or gangurru. An Australian urban myth states that the kangaroo... Read More »

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What was the rabbits name on captain kangaroo?

There was a puppet rabbit called Mr. Bunny Rabbit. I never recalled this one. Cap Ran cartoons- as do most all juveniles shows- but never ran Bugs Bunny who is a Warner Bros. flagstaff!

What was the name of the clown on captain kangaroo?

i got my braces when i was 9 and now i am 10. It was awkward because i was the only one in 4th grade to have braces. SO yes.

What is another name for a kangaroo pouch?

Female kangaroos carry their babies inside a special fold of skin, or pouch, called a marsupium. A marsupium houses a developing kangaroo fetus until the baby can move independently and begin to ca... Read More »

What is the name of the boy who owned Skippy the bush kangaroo?

In the children's TV show "Skippy" of the early 1970s, the boy was named Sonny.