What is the name of a Japanese dragon movie?

Answer The most obvious choice for a Japanese dragon movie is "Spirited Away" ("Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" in Japanese), a 2001 movie which featured a white dragon. The dragon in this movie was the sp... Read More »

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Is December Too Late to Plant a Red Dragon Japanese Maple Tree?

The Japanese maple cultivar Red Dragon displays finely lobed, almost feathery, pale coppery-chartreuse leaves. In autumn, these leaves become vibrant red before dropping away. Slow growing, Japanes... Read More »

Where is the lighthouse in the movie"Pete's Dragon"?

“Pete’s Dragon” is a 1977 Disney movie which mixed live action with animation. The story concerns a young boy named Pete whose only friend is a dragon. A lighthouse is a major setting in the ... Read More »

Is Pete's Dragon movie available on Blue Ray?

Kinect is only an add-on for the xbox 360 you need an xbox360 to use it and to awser your question no it cant beacause its only a motion sensor

What is the name of the Disney movie that has an imaginary dragon named Elliot?

"Pete's Dragon" is a full-length movie from the Walt Disney Company. The movie is about a 9-year-old boy named Pete and his imaginary dragon, Elliot. It combines live action and animation. "Pete's ... Read More »