What is the name of Puerto Rico's money?

Answer As a Commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico uses the United States dollar as its currency. Puerto Ricans refer to the dollar as dolar or peso and also have alternate names for coins, such a... Read More »

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What is Puerto Ricos national dessert?

What is the name of the money used in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a self-governing, unincorporated territory of the United States. The economy of Puerto Rico is based on the U.S. dollar, and it is the only currency used in the territory.Source:Welc... Read More »

What is the money from puerto rico called?

An American territory since 1898, the legal currency of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is the United States dollar. The terms for money are the same as they are in the rest of the United States--"... Read More »

Does Puerto Rico have different money than America?

Puerto Rico (formally the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) is a United States territory which uses the United States dollar as its official currency--the same dollar used within the U.S.Source:CIA Fact... Read More »