What year did the movie"Mary Poppins"first appear on the big screen?

Answer According to the Internet Movie Database, the movie "Mary Poppins" premiered in Los Angeles on August 27, 1964 and was released in theaters across the nation on August 29, 1964. The movie starred J... Read More »

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How to Make a Pitcher of Bloody Marys?

A pitcher of Bloody Marys should be made right before you plan to serve it because the chemical reaction of the vodka with the other ingredients will cause the drink to quickly lose its quality.

Any movie i can watch with my 15year old brother?

15 year olds can watch most PG-13's and some R rated. Why don't you ask him?And why is this in programming and design?

How to Seek to Help Free Marys Little Lamb U.S.A. (Christianity)?

Consider "Mary Had a Little Lamb" who followed her in the home, town square, main street and school, but has been stifled, silenced, and kept away from school and many public functions...The Lamb c... Read More »

I am in sydney and i am going to the west eg penrith and st marys what should i wear?