What is the name of Logan's (Wolverine) Japanese wife?

Answer The superhero Wolverine wooed and won Japanese beauty Mariko Yashida through multiple issues of "The Uncanny X-Men" comics. However, he never married her. Though a wedding was planned, the actions ... Read More »

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Is Jay Leno's wife part Japanese?

because they have no culture, manner, they have no self respect. clapping is the ettiquette not screaming.

You are a Japanese and you want to adopt your filipina wife's daughter?

Answer Answer If your wife is for the adoption I don't see the problem because you are a different race, get an adoption lawyer if you aren't sure.

What is logans roadhouse hours?

11am-10pm Sunday through Thursday, and from 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday I just looked the information up on their website. It doesn't seem to vary by location.

How to Look Like Wolverine from the X Men?

Wanting to look like wolverine? Look no further!