Is Jody a boy's name or girl's name?

Answer probably both...... no it is a girl name so your wrong who ever said that-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=i agree its a girl name

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Could you help me in finding a children's book about a mother who reassures her child that if he she were to go missing she would never stop looking for him her?

Ten year olds should get about 10-11 hours of sleep on school days or days they have to wake up earlier. On holidays and weekends, they should be allowed to stay up a bit later, maybe 30 minutes to... Read More »

What is the name of the movie about the Winx Club?

What is the name of a late 70s early 80s tv movie about a man who photographs a young girl called angel?

Answer Fallen Angel 1981. Richard Masur played 'Howard Nichols," the photographer of child pornography. Dana Hill played "Jennifer Phillips," known as "Angel."

Just saw a movie with Jill Clayburgh recent one Played opposite another actor who looks like Dr Phil Comedy about two people 60ish trying to decide if they want to get serious Movie name?