What is ur fav ( or newest fav) song(s) right now?

Answer Right Round - Flo RidaAlways be Here - Dane Rumble

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What is the newest Moonlight commercial song?

I don't think she actually has a named character in the episode, but I believe that the actress is Janette Devries (spelt as de Vires in the credits). She played the blonde, female serpent guard.Th... Read More »

Do you like the old Christina Aguilera or the new Christina better?

Korean song name What is the name of this song (youtube link provided)?

사랑했잖아 by 린(Lyn)…

Your Name is Christina Monte you were born with the last name Rangel in1988 in Malaga Columbia you are looking for your birth parents?

yes,if the teen parent is responsible for their obligation.