What is the name for the tip of an umbrella?

Answer The tip on the end of an umbrella is called a "ferrule." The word ferrule can also refer to the cap on the end of a cane, pole, lamp or other object.Source:Babylon: ferrule

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How would you paint a vinyl umbrella The red on your outdoor umbrella has faded and the umbrella is only 2 years old Is there something you can mix with acrylic paint to paint the umbrella?

Answer I understand that auto shops carry spray paint for vinyl.

Anyone know the name of the shrub/tree that looks like a upside down umbrella It's white..?

Either a weeping mulberry or weeping cherry

What is a market umbrella?

The market umbrella got its name from the umbrellas often seen in European street markets and outdoor cafes. This type of umbrella is commonly used throughout the world in commercial and residentia... Read More »

What is the tip of the umbrella called?

The tip of an umbrella is called a "ferule" or "ferrule." A ferule is used at the end of an umbrella or other slender shafts for strength and to prevent the shaft from splitting.Source:Merriam-Webs... Read More »