What is the name for the 19th century clothing in England that was decorated with buttons?

Answer In 1875, Henry Croft began a tradition of decorating clothes with buttons. He was closely connected to London's market traders, who were called coster mongers. To stand out, they would sew buttons ... Read More »

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What was the meaning of step-son and son-in-law 19th century?

The meaning of the terms "step-son" and "son-in-law" were the same in the 19th century as they are today. Your step-son is and was the son of someone you marry after that person's spouse, the othe... Read More »

French cuisines in the 19th century?

They'd eat oysters, duckling, partridge, sole fillets, kidneys in Champagne sauce etc. and would drink the best Bordeaux wines.

19th Century Lithograph Artists?

In 1796, a German artist discovered he could make multiple prints by rolling ink onto thick, greasy, crayon drawings on limestone. Thus lithography was born. Throughout the 1800s, several well-know... Read More »

Steamer Trunks From the 19th Century?

Steamer trunks or chests were used pervasively in the 19th and early 20th century for long voyages to distant places or as storage for the belongings of children going off to boarding school. Howev... Read More »