What is the name for smoked sausage?

Answer In New Orleans, a popular smoked sausage is Cajun andouille, a very spicy smoked sausage. The French andouille is smoked as well, but has a milder flavor. Kielbasa is a popular Polish smoked sausag... Read More »

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What makes smoked sausage red in color?

Many different factors can contribute to the characteristic red hue of smoked sausage, depending on the ingredients and preparation of that particular type of sausage. Flavorings, preservatives or ... Read More »

Does Hillshire Farm smoked sausage contain MSG?

Hillshire Farm Beef Smoked Sausage and Hot & Spicy Italian Smoked Sausage both contain monosodium glutamate, known also as MSG. MSG, a flavor enhancer, is typically added to salty, processed foods.... Read More »

How long do you grill smoked sausage or kielbasa?

On One Hand: Open GrillingSmoked sausage and kielbasa have a cook time of about 10 minutes on an open propane grill and 12 minutes on an open charcoal grill. Most great restaurants use propane to g... Read More »

How long do i boil smoked polish sausage?

On One Hand: The Experts SayJohnsonville, makers of fine sausages, suggests boiling or poaching sausages for 10 minutes in one-half inch of gently boiling water in a covered pan, turning often. The... Read More »