What is the name for people with black hair?

Answer I can understand your confusion :) People with black hair are generally called Ravens or Raven Haired and sometimes Jet-Black. I think I've come across Raven Feathers also in my studies. Jet-Black ... Read More »

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Can white people use hair treatments for black people?

I actually used some just last night for the first time last night. It works great! Goodluck ! (:

How many people think that black girls look better with their natural hair than relaxed hair?

I like it when people are natural and themselves. Being fake and pretentious is not always beautiful, but being yourself is. If you have curly hair and wish for straight, don't go against it..wor... Read More »

How to Fix Hair Breakage for Black People's Hair?

African American hair is often exposed to hair relaxers, which unfortunately contain harmful chemicals. This can lead to hair breakage. It's virtually impossible to mend breakage, but you can take ... Read More »

Why do black people have "bad" hair?

Okay firstly your question sounds slightly racist! But Africans have curly/ kinky hair (if that's what you mean) because genetically they are born that way. Because evolutionarily, it was a benefit... Read More »